The Turbos on this Beastly Impala Are Massive!

If you’re looking to build a machine that riots its way down the race track, ...

If you’re looking to build a machine that riots its way down the race track, boost is definitely a safe bet to making sure that you not only keep up with but also dominate the competition. If you can get your turbo set up in line, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able knock out everyone that steps to the plate if not at least throw them some strong competition.

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In this one, we ride along with an old-school big body Chevrolet Impala that’s sporting a set of massive turbos that really help it to fly down the lanes at Kansas International Dragway during the Bounty Huners II no prep race and to say that this thing is impressive would be a little bit of an understatement as it had pretty much every eye in attendance fixated on it.

The guys over at 1320Video were able to catch up with the owner of the car who gave us the rundown before showing us how this big old Chevrolet has its way down the track. During a no prep, traction might be at a premium but that didn’t stop this ride from showing off its colors.

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