These 10 Cars Have Become Extinct in the Year 2020

In this day and age, automotive manufacturers really need to be on their toes to win. ...

In this day and age, automotive manufacturers really need to be on their toes to win. In the vast majority of car buyer cases, there are high expectations to be met. When combining this with the quickly changing customer profile out there, it could be a challenge to deliver the right product. Because of this, there are constantly models that are coming and going as they don’t have the success to live on in the market.

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As we flip the calendar forward, things don’t even look like they did just a couple of years ago. 2020, for example, has shown an emerging trend in SUVs and other vehicles. With that, the sedan as we knew it is almost extinct. In addition, electric power is coming into its own which is going to create a whole new mess for automotive manufacturers to navigate over the next decade or two.

This time, the crew over at The Fast Lane Car took it upon themselves to talk about some of the models that aren’t likely to stick around and those that have died off in 2020. For some, we’re a little bit shocked to see them go. Others, however, really seem to have lived out their life to the fullest and we’re honestly surprised that they’ve made it this far. There’s even a third category that features some rides that some might be shocked to learn are still being produced. We’re not sure about you but we had no idea that the Ford Flex was still in rotation.

By following along with the video below, we get a really good idea of what the next couple of years in car culture might just look like. It might just be us. However, it seems like some of these bland and boring cars are beginning to not really sell as much. That might seem like an obvious statement. However, for years, boring and reliable cars have maintained steady sales. Perhaps those days are gone as expectations rise even higher.

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