These Guys Shut Down a Freeway For a Street Race… That Takes Some Bravery!

When it comes to making the perfect race happen, some locations just simply ...

When it comes to making the perfect race happen, some locations just simply don’t have a place that is just right as it will be congested with traffic, curvy, or bumpy or possibly some mix of the three. When any of those factors comes into play, racing there might be a bad idea.

However, when this group of racers discovered that they didn’t quite have a good smooth spot to use for their street race, the Pontiac Trans Am and Chevrolet Silverado driver duo would decide that they’d need to head out to the freeway and have it blocked off so that they could get off their race without any interference.

In this situation that ended up being nothing more than a big old smoke show and spin fest, these racers and a group of spectators helped to block off what we would presume is a pretty heavily traveled road, by the looks of things, in order to make this race happen.

Check out the video below that shows how they got it done and be sure to tell us what you think of the group of folks carrying something like this out so that they can make their race become a reality on a stretch of road that they probably saw has pretty much perfect.

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