These Guys Stab The Throttle And Pray For The Best At This Offroad Competition!

When you’re dabbling in the world of off-road machines, the things are really ...

When you’re dabbling in the world of off-road machines, the things are really built to take a little bit of abuse. With some of the toughest components in the game, these guys really have a lot of confidence about them that allows them to go out there, pin that throttle to the floor, and let’er rip. The results, well, they speak for themselves as these guys really go above and beyond, putting on a show, no matter what kind of adverse terrain it is that is in their path. When you’ve got a bunch of guys who are ready to send it, the result get pretty interesting, to say the least.

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This time, because our buddies over at Busted Knuckle Films are behind the footage, we get the best view possible as this group of mudslinging badasses get by the wheel and really push it to the next level, showing us that they really aren’t afraid to lay into it, giving their machines all that they have got as they take it right up to the limit and balance on the borderline between putting on a show and passing that limit at the point where their machines might decide that it’s time to call it quicks and send parts flying in every which direction possible, the point where these guys figure out that they aren’t indestructible, after all.

Follow along with the video below that takes you to a mud pit that will show you exactly how far machines like these can be pushed. Some people might be convinced that there’s no way that they’re coming out on the other side. However, to the delight of not only those behind the wheel but also the people who are able to watch these kinds of shows, we get to see exactly what we came for!

Mud Trucks with Big Horsepower

Mud Trucks BOMB THE PIT!Watch the full video https://goo.gl/mKnWwy

Posted by Mega Mud Trucks on Monday, December 4, 2017

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