This WIld Aussie Knows How To Destroy a Set Of Tires!

The Sydney Powercruise is a massive automotive event held each year in February in ...

The Sydney Powercruise is a massive automotive event held each year in February in the picturesque Australian metropolis. As beautiful as the surrounding city is, though, the main attraction on Powercruise weekend is the massive automotive gathering that brings cars and Aussie gearheads from far and wide.

As with any big automotive event down under, burnouts are the centerpiece of the action, with cars of all types and powertrain combinations bringing their best smoke show to entertain the huge crowds of onlookers. As many of you are likely to remember, our own Farmtruck and AZN headed to the Land Down Under to participate in a burnout contest of their own back in January, even building a replica of The Farmtruck tailor made for burning rubber. The truck ran into a couple of minor issues, and then it ran into the wall due to Farmtruck’s relative inexperience in the world of all-out burnouts. However, they put on a hell of a show for the fans and had a great time, which is always the main purpose.

This video from the Powercruise features a car that I honestly have to admit that I cannot even identify. This is when I wish so badly I had done some traveling abroad and knew more about foreign cars like this small coupe, that MAY possibly be a Mercury Capri. If that’s not what it is, don’t blast me too hard in the comments, somebody let me know what I’m looking at and I’ll be glad to edit the article.

Regardless of the make or model, the guy behind the wheel knows what he’s doing in the burnout pit, slinging the car around with reckless abandon while the massive blown engine screams. Huge fireballs blast out of the exhaust and after a few moments of shredding the rear tires, they blow out and leave the car riding on the rims, but that doesn’t slow the driver down a bit, slinging sparks as the rear wheels grind on the ground.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is how you do a burnout!!!!

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