Throwback To The First Fire Up, Drive, And Passes Of Twin Turbo Murder Nova

When it comes to competitive racing, there is no sitting still. Sitting still, ...

When it comes to competitive racing, there is no sitting still. Sitting still, whether literally or metaphorically will make sure that you slide to the back of the pack.

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Even for those who are on top of their game, they have to keep those metaphorical wheels moving. For a racer who wants to remain competitive, they have to try to keep building their game and making it better. Not only does this include their own abilities but also the components under the hood of their ride. We can almost guarantee that if a car isn’t getting faster, the competition definitely is. It doesn’t take a genius to see how that could be a formula for disaster.

With this in mind, we have seen all sorts of swaps from the Street Outlaws competitors over the years. Whether it’s an engine swap or a power adder being changed out, it’s almost hard to keep track of who is running what sometimes. Everyone is looking for the best possible fit for their style. For one reason or another, from season to season, we see all sorts of changes. When we take the time to look back over these changes, it can be rather mind-blowing just how many alterations have been done to a car.

This time, we check out a situation that had Murder Nova digging into the vault. With this particular clip, we head all the way back to the year 2014. This was when Shawn first swapped the OG Murder Nova over to a pair of Precision turbos from the ProCharger that was on board. According to Shawn, the transition would be one that changed the way that he raced forever. To this day, Murder Nova is running twin turbos on both the new Murder Nova and the OG car alike.

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