Top Alcohol Funny Car Racer Goes For a Dramatic Ride at Route 66

When it comes to drag racing or any kind of racing for that matter, there is danger ...

When it comes to drag racing or any kind of racing for that matter, there is danger around every corner. If one slip up happens in anything ranging from driver error to equipment error to a lapse in focus by the track crew, something bad could unfold. At the speeds that these drivers are going, the ceiling for catastrophe is pretty high. Luckily, they have some awesome safety gear to back them up as well.

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This time, a top alcohol dragster racer gets tangled up in such a circumstance when something went wrong. As Andy Bohl shot out of the gate, he would make what looked like a normal pass. This would lead to his Top Alcohol machine heading sideways directly into the wall with a vengeance before long. The scene got a little bit tense at the Route 66 Nats as everyone waited to see what the outcome would be.

This one isn’t pretty to watch but then again we can’t really say that any crash scenario is. Luckily, the safety equipment looks to do its job but it probably wasn’t any fun for the driver to slam into the wall multiple times. This one looked to be incredibly jarring as the car bounced around like a kid on a trampoline. The only difference was that, instead of an elastic base, the car was bouncing into the concrete. That’s anything but a fun experience.

Check out the video below that showcases the entire wreck that is going to require some major retooling before Andy can see the track again. Hopefully, the team can get their stuff together and make the downtime go by in a flash! Seeing something like this is always tough. Teams and drivers invest insane amounts of time into making their machines competitive. Hey, I guess that’s just a part of racing sometimes, though.

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