Top NHRA Drivers Answer the Question “Why Are You Here?”

When you think of a profession like being a driver in the NHRA, you’re often ...

When you think of a profession like being a driver in the NHRA, you’re often left to wonder how exactly someone goes from being an average person to making their way into some of the fastest machines on earth. Furthermore, it leads one to wonder exactly what being a driver one of these cars is like. With how dedicated they have to be to a strict schedule, are these people able to operate a vehicle like that as a full-time job? Is it enough to keep them going? There are a lot of questions that are left unanswered and this time, we sum them all up with one simple question that should address most of these inquiries.

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When asking NHRA drivers “Why are you here?” the answers really varied from driver to driver. Some like being where they’re at because people told them that they couldn’t do it and others just get a thrill out of the adrenaline rush.

There’s a whole different variety of reasons why these people find themselves in the position that they are in and hearing what all of their individual stories have to offer really helps to put some context behind the races that you see the drivers competing in. Getting to know the drivers really helps with making the race that much more interesting.

Check out the video below that dives into some of these stories give you a little bit more appreciation for what these ladies and gentlemen have going through their heads that really propels them to become better when they’re among the best that the world of racing has to offer.

Being able to understand the people behind the wheel is an interesting dynamic that really adds to the story so be sure to follow along with why this collection of drivers happens to be here.

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Posted by NHRA on Sunday, November 5, 2017

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