BIG Truck Loses Control On Wet Roads!

When this Ford pickup truck was moving at a higher rate of speed than other traffic ...

When this Ford pickup truck was moving at a higher rate of speed than other traffic on some wet roads, one thing led to another and the next thing he knew, he was sliding sideways, out of control. With a truck that weighs quite a bit you need to give yourself extra time to brake and maneuver… Especially when the roads are wet. This guy came in way too hot and paid the ultimate prices.

We’re able to see the incident thanks to some security camera footage that was obtained and put on YouTube as the truck slides through an intersection and takes out a sign. Looks like this guy needs to slow down and keep it safe if he can’t control his own truck. That sign never stood a chance with a big heavy Ford truck slamming into it at a high rate of speed.

If you ever are taking a quick drive in the rain please do us a favor and DON’T end up like this guy! Not only is his truck destroyed, his ego and wallet are going to be hurting once everyone on the internet see’s what just happen!

We haven’t been given any word on the driver, but hopefully, all is ok and this accident didn’t end up doing too much damage. Driving in the rain can be a hazardous deal, for sure. Check out the footage in the video below as the truck skids out of control with the driver trying to recover from the slide, but failing miserably.

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