Twin Turbo Grand National Takes Off Like a Rocket!

This Twin TURBO LSX Grand National Is The Definition Of A SLEEPERwin $50,000 in cash ...

This Twin TURBO LSX Grand National Is The Definition Of A SLEEPER

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To the dismay of Buick enthusiasts everywhere, folks in all likelihood are under the impression that this Buick Grand National is just another 1980s Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

Even though we’ve heard the Buick diehards scoff at the fact that their ladies in black look anything like the Monte, it does provide a certain benefit.

Whether the car utilizes the original 3.8L turbo setup or steps up to something like this LSx powered monster, the car still provides a very believable sleeper look.

Check out the videos below showing off a Grand National in which the original power plant has been swapped out with an e85 powered junkyard 4.8L twin turbo application making 500 rwhp on 7 psi of boost!




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