Unboxing a Lamborghini URUS… Now Thats a Good Delivery To Get!

When Lamborghini announced that they would be getting back into the SUV market with ...

When Lamborghini announced that they would be getting back into the SUV market with their second ever shot at the category, it was a sort of bombshell that had been dropped across the automotive community. Regardless of which subset of the community would find yourself in, it seems like everybody had turn their attention focused to see exactly what all the hype was about. Because the automaker is obviously known for creating nothing short of supercars with everything that they put out, seeing that they would get into the SUV market with the Lamborghini Urus had everybody wondering exactly what the end product would look like.

It looks like, as of now, the Urus is finally making its way toward the hands of those who have ordered it. While the opinion seems to be split on this performance SUV, we have to really admit that we’re quite excited to finally see this thing making its way around in the real world. As the market of performance trucks and SUVs seems to be tapering off a bit in recent years, it’s going to be quite a thrill to see exactly what a company like Lamborghini has been able to come up with when their vision comes to life and finds that it’s time to be put to use!

In the video below, you’ll be able to get a quick first taste of what exactly ownership of such a machine is going to be like as this lucky new owner of a Urus takes delivery of his new SUV, showing us what the machine looks like, inside and out, as the trailer pulls it up to its new residence. In addition, we also get to hear the beautiful sound as is the throttle is cracked for the first time, unleashing some notes that you’re going to want to hear!

What do you think the future of these machines holds in the performance landscape? We’re super excited to find out!

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