Valet Takes Corvette on Joyride Caught on Tape

Valet Takes Corvette on Joyride Caught on TapeTake home this 750hp ddr concepts ...

Valet Takes Corvette on Joyride Caught on Tape

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If you were any bit apprehensive about leaving your car with a valet before, allow us to show you something that will make you never want anybody to touch your car ever again.

When the owner of this droptop Chevrolet Corvette left his car with the valet parking service, they did everything in their power to beat the living heck out of the sports car.

From driving on dirt roads to peeling out and doing burnouts, these guys really did everything that any decent car enthusiasts would fear and it was all captured on video by an investigator.

Check out the footage below as we follow the Corvette all around town, being beaten on and that one point even being left parked with the top down a door open. This is just painful to watch! Looks like somebody is out of work.

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