Weed Whacker + Circular Saw Combo… Is This Real Life?

When it comes to people who enjoy tinkering around in the garage or the workshop, ...

When it comes to people who enjoy tinkering around in the garage or the workshop, they will tell you that they can never have enough tools. No matter what the job at hand entails, there is always another tool that can make it go by more efficiently or quicker.

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This time, we take a look at a tool that really leads us to believe that someone has had a little bit too much time with their thoughts as they have attempted to design something that looks like it could be effective but really has more potential to be extraordinarily dangerous than anything.

Normally, with a weed whacker, the user will use some type of plastic cord with the fast spinning machine to chop down whatever roughage is at hand but this time, we see what happens when an inventor decided to combine the likes of a circular saw with a weed whacker and it’s just as nutty as it sounds.

Ride along with this dangerous tool down in the video below as it chops through just about everything from bushes to bamboo and even the occasional small tree. Is this something that you think could ever catch for regular use in lawn care?

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