Welding a Live Gas Main while it’s Going Up in Flames, How’s that for a Dangerous Job?

What comes to doing some jobs, there are a collection out there that seem to be ...

What comes to doing some jobs, there are a collection out there that seem to be downright dangerous. Sure, with a process like this, it’s probably something that has controlled danger and these guys have probably done it about a million times but, that doesn’t make it any less sketchy when they start to weld into a live gas main as the fuel ignites while they’re welding, really making it seem like it’s about to combust at any given moment. Personally, these guys probably know better than me as they have been around it, but I wouldn’t dare to be caught anywhere near this when they were taking part in that process.

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As the video shows us, these guys seem to be quite confident in their jobs, cracking into this main with their welder and standing around while being relaxed, basically like nothing could possibly go wrong. It’s pretty neat to watch as the residual gas around the main catches on fire all while this guy keeps on continuing the job but as somebody who doesn’t really know what’s happening, it seems to be a really scary situation. I would venture to think that more people than not would agree with the sentiment and probably prefer to be on this side of the screen instead of the other, watching it happen from a digital vantage point.

Check out the video down below that takes you to the scene of the seemingly incredibly dangerous job and be sure to tell us what you think of how exactly these guys are going about getting the job done, even if it means setting a little bit of gas on fire. What are some other jobs like this that are incredibly dangerous or maybe just look dangerous but actually a pretty safe? I would think that being a writer here at Speed Society probably ranks pretty low on that danger scale, that is, until you step foot on the racetrack and have cars flying past you at north of 200 mph.

Gas main welding

Yikes! Check out these pipeliners welding a gas main.

Posted by mechanical-hub.com on Tuesday, September 19, 2017

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