West Coast Grudge Highlights… Badass Cars and Wild Racing! – BigRob Entertainment

Pacific Raceways recently hosted a huge grudge event called West Coast Grudge, and ...

Pacific Raceways recently hosted a huge grudge event called West Coast Grudge, and our buddy Big Rob from OKC made the long trek to the upper left corner of the nation to catch all the action! The event brought out some wicked rides, so Big Rob walked through the pits and checked some of them out up close to give his audience a good idea of the level of hotrods on hand for the event.

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There was truly something for everybody too, from gorgeous classic muscle cars to insane, high-revving imports, and even a few nasty sounding pickup trucks. Speaking of trucks, the impossibly clean Lighting around the 1:30 mark really looks great, with awesome wheel/tire fitment and perfect stance. There’s also a boosted orange Corvette that looks like it has plans on ingesting the competition with it’s monster turbo! Our favorite might be the LS-swapped “MonZter” with so much engine crammed in under the hood that there’s no room for the turbo, so they mounted it outside the hood.

From the pits to the staging lanes and then on to the track, where we are treated to a rapid-fire compilation of launches and burnouts. There are no ET’s to show and we know most races are won at the starting line anyway, so Big Rob took the more-is-more approach and just loaded the second half of the video with a ton of starting line action. Tire smoke, wheel stands, turbo’s spooling, and two-step chattering, there’s a little bit of everything thank to the wide assortment of rides battling it out in the Great Northwest.

Go ahead and hit that play button and crank up the volume, Rob gets right in the mix and catches all the action from right there on the wall, bringing it directly to your face. It’s the next best thing to being there, plus you can watch it in your underwear!

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