WICKED Porsche With a 427 LSX Power Plant

WICKED Porsche With a 427 LSX Power PlantTake home this 750hp ddr concepts mustang, ...

WICKED Porsche With a 427 LSX Power Plant

Take home this 750hp ddr concepts mustang, 2018 Ford raptor or $50,000 in cash
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The LSx platform is the starting point of choice for many, but it’s when you start mixing the engine with other kinds of cars, things begin to get a little bit sticky!

Porsche die-hards would most likely cringe at the fact that this ride is powered by a forged LS7, but American car enthusiasts, on the other hand, are chomping at the bit to see more!

Check out the build below as the Porsche fires up and rolls out, complete with American V8 power. Would you rock this American built European ride or is this an example of unacceptable blasphemy at its finest?

This twin turbo LSx swapped Lexus underwent a similar fate.

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 8.34.38 AM

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