Youtuber Gives 3 Reasons Why Toyota SHOULD NOT Revive the Supra!

Our very own Jesse Kleiber, Speed Society writer and the man behind the huge ...

Our very own Jesse Kleiber, Speed Society writer and the man behind the huge BigKleib34 YouTube Channel, has some thoughts about Toyota and their bombshell announcement from the Geneva Auto Show announcing the return of the vaunted Supra nameplate to their lineup.

In the two decades that have passed since Toyota shelved the Supra, the Japanese automaker has been rumored to be bringing it back, but until the next gen Supra race car was revealed at Geneva, there had been nothing more than rumors. For all the hype the announcement built, there is plenty of reservation among the automotive enthusiast community, and as Kleiber points out, that hesitation to embrace this new Supra may be warranted.

There are plenty of reasons being tossed about for not bringing the car back to the market after the 20 year hiatus, but the underlying tone of each individual reason circles back to a single sentiment: Toyota probably can’t top, or even reach, the bar set by the original. We’re talking about a car that many consider to be the perfect car, a balance of timeless, iconic styling, incredible build quality and mind-blowing performance potential, all in a car that cost right at $40,000 in 1998. There’s not been another car built by any automaker that combines all three of those characteristics at a price that most enthusiast can actually afford, and it seems improbable that even Toyota themselves can make magic again.

Only time will tell, but I personally echo Jesse’s thoughts on the subject. Put quite simply, they should have left the Supra namesake alone. Even if the car does sell well, I cannot see it following in the massive footsteps left by the original, and it seems destined to simply tarnish the gleaming Supra reputation. However, only time will tell if lightning will strike twice for Toyota.

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