Against All Odds: Double Amputee Racing Driver

In life, we are all going to face adversity at some point or another. Perhaps ...

In life, we are all going to face adversity at some point or another. Perhaps it’s the type of adversity that pretty much everyone faces on a regular basis but sometimes, that of adversity is much, much larger, something like what Billy Monger had gone through when he was in the middle of a race and ended up in what many would call the worst accident in motorsports history. While traveling at an incredible rate of speed, he would end up rear-ending another driver which sent the still standing car up over his own and the results were physically destructive to Billy’s body.

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However, as you would probably hear from a variety of people who have experienced things traumatic events and managed to recover, it’s not about the adversity but instead about how you react to that adversity that defines you as a person. Let’s just say that Monger wasn’t about to sit down and let this come to him but instead was going to do everything that he could not only to get back into racing but to be competitive when he made his way back into the field again. As he describes it, he didn’t want to just be another number to fill the grid but instead, a driver who was competitive and to be respected by his peers.

The video below does an amazing job of being able to outline the entire process from the intense moments where this incredible individual wasn’t sure what was going to come from the situation all the way to the steps that he had to take in recovery from using a simulator all the way up to modifying his car to be able to make sure that he would be able to compete once again. If the story that ends in triumph isn’t something that is incredibly inspirational to you, we truly aren’t sure what could be.

Against All Odds: Double Amputee Racing Driver

One of the 'worst crashes in motorsport history' left teenager Billy Monger a double amputee. Since then his journey to get back behind the wheel has been inspirational…

Posted by UNILAD Tech on Sunday, November 4, 2018

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