Drake’s Massive Luxurious Private Jet Was 100% Free!

Earlier this month rapper, NBA super fan, and former actor Drake broke the internet ...

Earlier this month rapper, NBA super fan, and former actor Drake broke the internet with his extravagant 767 cargo jet. The airplane was decked out with one of the most luxurious interiors we have ever seen! He even had his own signature owl logo plastered across the exterior of the plane. We might’ve remarked a little bit about how the superstar probably dropped an incredible amount of loot on the plane. That might not have been entirely accurate, though.

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When Drake isn’t on social media trolling he can be found in the studio making money or traveling the world. Some of his more prominent trolls were Milwaukee Bucks’ team owner’s daughter, Mallory Edens, on Instagram, on the court trash talking rival teams such as Milwaukee’s Giannis Antetokounmpo or Golden State Warriors Draymond Green (After Game 1 of the NBA finals where Toronto beat the Warriors). The ironic part was that the latter came while Drake was wearing a Del Curry jersey. Del is a father to Steph Curry’s of the Warriors but was actually a Raptor for a short period of time. That’s a story for another time, though.

When Drake initially unveiled the jet it was clear this thing was much more than just a private airplane. It really set him apart from what most stars purchase. This is a jet that normally costs well over $200,000,000 yes. Two-Hundred-Million-Dollars before the custom interior, and exterior fit for Drakes liking. Drake got it for free, though! The company who built the “OVO” 767 cargojet believes that the free airplane will pay for itself over a lifetime of Drake’s travels. This news was brought out earlier today by TMZ.

Drake has already started advertising the plane as he flew down to the Bahamas after Toronto’s game 1 win and already took to Instagram to brag about the size of his enormous jet compared to others. This is marketing at its finest, folks!

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