Ever Tried Drifting With No Arms? So Much Respect For This Guy

We’ve seen plenty of gearheads overcome disabilities and continue to enjoy the hobby ...

We’ve seen plenty of gearheads overcome disabilities and continue to enjoy the hobby that we all know and love, but this guy just may be the most impressive warrior we’ve seen yet. When it comes to listing things you need to drift a car, at least one arm would be atop most everybody’s list. However, Bartek Ostalowski says that’s a load of shit and proves it in the video below in very convincing fashion.

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Bartek is set to face off in a drift contest with The Grand Tour’s Richard Hammond, and when we first see Bartek, it seems Hammond should have an easy path to victory, since Ostalowski has no arms. And yes, we mean that literally. He doesn’t even have prosthetics, and I’m here to tell you right now, he doesn’t need them!

Using one foot to work the gas, one to steer, and a special shoulder paddle to change gears, Bartek takes his Skyline through the twists and turns like a champ, slinging the rear end out while using the throttle to help control the angle through each curve. Despite having no upper appendages – he lost his arms in a motorcycle accident – Ostalowski controls the car like a seasoned drift pro. Though we don’t get to see Hammond’s run, I’m willing to bet using both arms and legs, he’s still unable to exhibit the drifting prowess shown by Bartek.

This just goes to show there is literally nothing that can’t be overcome with a little courage, ingenuity, and determination. Bartek certainly had a massive obstacle to overcome, and to say he’s done so is an understatement. To see man work through such a devastating accident and continue to pursue his dreams should be inspiration to all of us. I know I catch myself thinking about things I want to do and how much work it would be or how hard it would be to learn, but in actuality, compared to something like what Bartek has endured, it would be a walk in the park.

Perspective, folks. This will give it to you like a brick to the face.


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