Flaming Blower Goes BOOM and Scares the Crap Out of the Camera Man

As someone who has spent countless hours filming races over the years, I can ...

As someone who has spent countless hours filming races over the years, I can definitely relate to what it’s like to be a cameraman on the top end of the race track, watching cars zoom by at speeds that sometimes reach out and touch 200 mph or moar. At first, it can be a scary experience but even if you get used to it, well, I guess there really is no completely “getting used to it.” Eventually, you will mentally situate yourself to be able to handle the action but every once in a while, something falls out of place that really keeps you on edge and ready to jump out of the way should something go wrong.

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This time, we check out exactly that situation as one of the cameramen behind Urban Hillbilly Action Videos is filming a race in which a Chevrolet Camaro bodied car ends up ripping its way down the race track with a dominant lead, screaming with some of the loudest sound you have ever heard on a drag strip as these blower cars really make the most noise out of pretty much anything that you’re going to catch in this sort of racing. Beyond that, though, the cameraman gets a little bit extra surprise as apparently something malfunctioned in the engine bay of the vehicle, causing parts to go crazy, flying in every which way with a wicked backfire.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to catch the exact moment that this small explosion happens directly in front of where the cameraman is standing. If you ask us, he did a pretty good job hanging in there because I’m not sure that, even with my experience, I would’ve been able to contain my composure enough to be able to get the complete shot as the car rips by and nearly sends the whole supercharger in the direction of the sidelines.

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