Landing A Drone Aircraft With No Runway: Unique ‘SkyHook’ Recovery System

With every day that passes, we’re getting closer and closer to that science ...

With every day that passes, we’re getting closer and closer to that science fiction version of the future that was always shown off in movies, using all sorts of robotics and unfamiliar advances that we might have never thought would come to reality but here we are.

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Now, if you have been following along with the kind of technology that they use in this field, it’s no surprise to you that unmanned aircraft known as drones have been put into place for surveillance purposes.This creates a unique situation where the machines need to be launched and landed on aircraft carriers and other small platforms which ends up being a lot more difficult than it sounds.

Check out the video below that shows a system known as the “Sky Hook,” a recovery solution that essentially snatches the drones right out of the air without causing them any damage and lowers them back to a point where they can be assessed and used again. This could come in handy when you’re dealing with a very small area to land these fast-moving machines. On the surface, it might look a crude solution but, it seems to be effective from a glance.

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