Guy Found Miracle Product to Easily Remove Rust From Chrome and Exhaust

There are lots of ways to skin a cat when it comes to all sorts of automotive jobs. ...

There are lots of ways to skin a cat when it comes to all sorts of automotive jobs. In fact, perhaps one of the best qualities that a mechanic could have is resourcefulness. Being able to find an unlikely solution to a problem could mean both time and money saved. It’s not difficult to see where these savings could continue to add up.

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One of those jobs just so happens to be rust removal. Rust is a pesky little bugger that can be rather invasive. One moment, it’s just a small spot. The next, it’s taking over an entire vehicle. Luckily, there are all sorts of different products and processes to get the job done. However, everyone seems to have their own opinion on which one works best. Perhaps, they should be keeping their eyes open to new solutions. It always seems like, in the garage, different problems have new solutions coming to market all the time.

Every once in a while, we stumble upon a great product that does the job for us. It’s almost like taking all of the elbow grease out of the equation as the solution works wonders right in front of our eyes. It seems like this DIY’er thinks that he’s come across just that product to get the job done.

This time, we check in with a product by the name of “Lime Away.”

Our uploader claims that it can be found at local dollar store and couldn’t possibly work better. When combined with a little bit of brushing, the rust practically falls off of the chrome parts he’s working on. We would venture to think that grocery stores might carry something similar as well. For those who are in a pinch and need to get rid of some rust, this might be just their product!

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