Police Pull Over Driverless Tesla Model 3 Using Smart Summon Feature

As time goes on and new technology comes out, our way of life changes. When it comes ...

As time goes on and new technology comes out, our way of life changes. When it comes to new technology and the way that we drive, it’s going to take some adjusting to get used to. There are issues that might be popping up today that are kind of rare. However, before we know it, these are going to be mainstream issues that we need to figure out a way to sort out. It’s pretty clear that self-driving automobiles are definitely going to give rise to a couple of questions.

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One of the primary concerns with autonomous rides is who exactly is responsible if something bad happens? If this vehicle ends up getting into an accident is the person who owns it responsible? If it ends up running a red light, will the person on the registration have to pay for the ticket? Will Tesla be responsible for the car breaking traffic laws? Right now, as some of this technology is still in its infancy and requires human interaction, the person behind the wheel will most likely be culpable. However, when vehicles go completely autonomous, who’s to say what will happen?

This time, we’re able to drop in on a unique situation that puts just that question to the test. As it turns out, a couple of guys were out and about, testing out the “Smart Summon” feature available with the Tesla Model 3. Essentially, the feature brings a car from wherever it’s parked all the way to where the operator is standing.

In this instance, when that happens, the Tesla actually manages to run a stop sign and get pulled over. However, with nobody physically in the car, it gives rise to an interesting question. At the end of the day, no tickets were issued. However, it really makes for an interesting question of who is to blame.

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