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Car Club Membership

25 Entries

CAR CLUB MEMBER BENEFITS INCLUDE: Automatic 25 entries each month towards the current giveaway. Access to 1000's of exclusive VIP benefits, perks and discounts. 10% off everything in the Speed Society Store. Each Purchased product grants additional entries towards your total giveaway entries. Exclusive offers on-track passes, product giveaways, and more! Cancel anytime, for any reason, no questions asked!

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How it works

Select Your Membership

Choose to become a "Standard" or the highly coveted "Enthusiast" member to instantly receive your SSCC benefits & value!

Collect Your Entries

After you signed up for your car club membership you automatically receive entries (25) for "Standard & (85) for "Enthusiast" to win the current giveaway car every month.

Delivered To Your Door

"Enthusiast" Members receive limited edition members only streetwear & merchandise plus tons of exclusive benefits every month.

Why join the car club?

What is the Speed Society Car Club (SSCC)? What do you get for being a member, what are the benefits & value you receive?

We created the Speed Society Car Club in 2013 with one goal in mind! We wanted to unite like minded car enthusiasts from around the world into one club that represents all our passions within the automotive space. Whether you like hypercars, off-road, drag racing, muscle cars, JDM, etc. We are all car enthusiasts & this is your exclusive club!

SSCC has many benefits between our (2) membership levels: “Standard” or "Enthusiast”. Most notably are automatic entries (25 to 85) into our car giveaway every month. For “Enthusiast” members, we produce premium limited edition T-Shirts & Stickers for members only. They are exclusive pieces of art & streetwear, they only run for one month & are delivered to your door.

It’s really cool because we create a different theme for you every month, it's a fresh new story & unique art built just for you. They are extremely collectible, they are never to be produced again & you can’t ever buy them in a store! Some additional value you get as a member is 10% Off our entire store & free shipping on all purchases which is massive value.

CURRENT MONTH: SSCC #26 Form + Function


Many Parts Form a Greater One

The June limited edition release of Speed Society Car Club (SSCC26) is here! This month’s theme is a curated art design focused on “Form + Function”. In the context of our art design exploration, we dug deep into what makes Speed Society, what makes a great design, and what brings people together to form a community. Everything around us in life is polarizing. Everything comes in different shapes, sizes, forms, colors, designs, and engineering. How can the “Form + Function” of all these elements unify to create a final cohesive piece of art?

The art design process behind SSCC26 was a difficult one. Our goal was to create an abstract piece of art influenced by “Form + Function” that assembles the vision of the car club community into a realized Speed Society “Icon”. The amazing thing about SSCC members is that we all have different automotive desires, diverse styles, and favorite genres of cars. Ultimately, we band together for the sheer passion of being a car enthusiast. We love all things automotive and we all can appreciate each-others individual styles and culture.

Kicking off Summer, we wanted this art design to represent just that, bright and fun colors! We achieved this by bringing together an array of abstract shapes, sizes, pathways, and unique colors representing the Car Club community to form the Icon. This design needed to be contemporary and scream modern streetwear with a bold color story. On the right arm, you will find a new, unique SSCC26 limited edition hit. The front of the shirt features the Summer color-themed SSCC logo. Finishing off the shirt is a gray & blue “Form + Function” design element on the lower right hip. SSCC26 “Form + Function” is designed to align the “sum of all its parts” into a fresh, new piece of clothing to add to your daily fashion & lifestyle. Thank you for being an SSCC Member & sharing your passion as a car enthusiast with all of us.

We appreciate you & thank you for your support!

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