SSCC22 Destination SSCC22 Destination
SSCC22 Destination SSCC22 Destination

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SSCC22 Destination

1200 Entries 40X


The February limited edition release of Speed Society Car Club (SSCC22)! The theme of this month’s “Curated Art” design process is focused on our wide array of members from all over the world. SSCC members represent all walks of life, disciples, cultures, and passions from Hot Rodders, Muscle Cars, Super Cars, Off-Roading, JDM, Hyper Cars, and beyond. Each member has their own lane, the lifestyle you and your friends identify with, the lane that brings you hunger and excitement about cars, motorsports, car shows and just being an automotive enthusiast.

The unique and colorful lines on this release represent each and every one of you, it’s your individual road and passion that represents you as an enthusiast from Los Angeles to Tokyo. The Yellow Speed Society “icon” represents the sun intersecting your path, shining light, highlighting your passion as an enthusiast, and unifying us all as one. This limited edition design for the month of February has a deep meaning an connection simple put: Many Roads. One Destination!

We appreciate you and thank you for your support!

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