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SSCC41 Livery

SSCC41 Livery

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One of the most iconic liveries in motorsports racing, introducing the limited edition Speed Society Car Club #41, appropriately named "Livery." This month's shirt is inspired by McLaren's F1 racing team and themed around their former title sponsor, Marlboro livery.

Legends have driven under that livery, including Senna, Lauda, Hunt, Rosberg, and more. Beyond the great driving, the livery design is so eye-catching in the most subtle ways that it stays in your mind from the first glance. Visual simplicity is exceptionally challenging to achieve effectively and impactfully. The Marlboro livery is the prime example of how to accomplish just that. The large oversized red chevron contrasting against the white background and bold black text has become easily recognizable and associated with the Marlboro racing history.

The signature livery design from Marlboro also graced Ferrari's F1 team, WRC teams like Lancia that dominated Group 4 in the '70s, Baja races on the Ferrari 308 GTB, Toyota Supra for the BPR Global GT Endurance, and the world-famous Porsche GT1. Marlboro didn't stop there. The livery can be found in many other racing disciplines, including motorcycle road racing, rally, and more.

SSCC#41 "Livery" is our original creative interpretation of this theme. It features the signature red chevron on the back of our premium heather grey t-shirt, bold black Speed Society overlaid with "Racing" in a slightly vintage white script. The art piece also features the car club callout and the limited edition number 41 for the 41st Speed Society Car Club exclusive. On the sleeve, the red chevron design is continued as well as our signature limited edition marking SSCC41. Additionally, we've included a bit of an easter egg for our hardcore enthusiasts. The "barcode" design element formed on the sleeve is reminiscent of when the EU banned tobacco advertising for cross-border cultural and sporting events, including GT and Formula 1 racing. Shortly after signing a deal of around $1 billion with Ferrari. Marlboro creatively reimagined their logo on the cars as a barcode design that resembled the original logo as loosely as possible while still being recognizable. While the stunt didn't last long, Philip Morris, owner of Marlboro, still sponsors the Ferrari F1 team under Mission Winnow to this day.

When we firmly believe in something, we pursue it with everything we have and in any way we can. Clearly, they were also dedicated to this concept through motorsports, just like we are through our apparel design, car club membership, car giveaways, and our direct contributions to automotive culture.
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We created the Speed Society Car Club in 2013 with one goal in mind! We wanted to unite like minded car enthusiasts from around the world into one club that represents all our passions within the automotive space. Whether you like hypercars, off-road, drag racing, muscle cars, JDM, etc. We are all car enthusiasts & this is your exclusive club!

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