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SSCC46 GT Legend

SSCC46 GT Legend

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Motorsports series thrive through the participants' talent, support from spectators and fans, and of course, through series sponsors. The Speed Society Car Club exclusive for February, "GT Legend," celebrates the era of racing that thrived under big-time supporter Camel.

Camel cigarettes had a massive stronghold in the Camel GT Challenge, Off-Road 4x4 Camel Trophy, Motocross Camel Pro Series and virtually every type of racing. Camel helped the life of motorsports thrive. When Camel sponsored the IMSA GT Challenge, they required every driver to feature Joe Camel smiling and smoking a cigarette while driving a race car on the side of their race car and suit. You couldn't pick-up a magazine without seeing a Camel ad, a car or motorcycle without stickers, or drivers without jackets, shirts, and hats. The cigarette wars were in full swing, and Marlboro and Camel were battling to come out with the Win!

There is something so intriguing and romantic about the no holds bar, no rules, no risk, no reward period of motorsports in the '80s & '90s. Racers wanted to take each other out, put down the best lap times, and become champions at any cost. The same goes for the big tobacco brands who leveraged their brands and products to everyone, regardless of the risks and sensationalism. It was a crazy period in racing history that we cannot forget, as those days will never exist again.

We thought long and hard about the design direction and how we can pay homage to such an important brand and time in motorsports history. Inspired by the iconic "Joe Camel" logo synonymous with Blue and gold brand colors, we knew we had to base the concept for SSCC46 on our premium navy blue t-shirt and apply a single color in the famous "Camel" gold. The overall design and look pay tribute to the late 70s and early 80s styling featuring the headlining "Car Club" hit reminiscent of the traditional camel logo. We then deconstructed and created a custom version of the famous Camel GT Challenge racing sticker and made that the centerpiece of the art piece. The Camel is ripping around in his GT race car, helmet on, Speed Society scarf flowing in the wind. The #46 signifies the 46th Speed Society Car Club limited edition exclusive. It is placed on the car's hood and ready to claim victory. Under the main art design, you will find the appropriate call-out of "Racing Legends" representing the men and women who put their lives on the line for the thrill and to entertain us in all forms of motorsports. As always, our Speed Society Car Club logo is placed on the front chest in the same golden yellow color, with SSCC46 on the right arm.

While we recognize eras of motorsports history thanks to the brands and companies that stood behind various racing series, with this month's exclusive, we're also recognizing the variety of enthusiasts that make up the Speed Society Car Club worldwide. Speed Society stands behind our culture, racing series, and of course, our car club members. Thank you for being a loyal car club member; we cannot do this without you
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