He Sunk His Best Friend’s Car in a Pool, Surprised Him With New Benz!

Over and over again, it seems as if Jake Paul has come up with ideas that can really ...

Over and over again, it seems as if Jake Paul has come up with ideas that can really put the internet on notice. Sure, he has received his fair share of hate but the guy puts out some entertaining content every once in a while, what can we say? This time, he comes up with a way to both shock and pleasantly surprises his best friend all at once.

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Living around this guy has to be quite the juxtaposition of emotions. We would almost never really know what to expect, that is, if it isn’t all an act. On one hand, it’s probably pretty easy to be on edge knowing that a prank could happen at any time. On the other, though, the prank might just be worth it. Jake doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to destroy a friend’s car without doing something nice after the fact. In this particular instance, he decides to replace it with a brand-new car. It’s not just any car, though. Well, actually, it kind of is. However, his buddy will be able to pick out exactly which car he wants. Of course, he has to pay the price of watching to old one die first, though.

This one combines the need for a YouTube stunt with a little bit of a good deed. The Honda Civic that Jake’s friend, Adan, was driving around in really seemed to be a pretty big hunk of junk. All of a sudden, it was gone though, after quite a scare. Adan would end up getting a brand-new Mercedes-Benz out of the deal! I’m not sure about anybody else, but to me, this one seems like it’s actually a pretty fair trade-off.

Jake, if you end up reading this and need a victim for your next prank, I’ll gladly take a brand-new car!

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