Where Do the Superyachts of Monaco go During Winter?

One look at the country of Monaco has attention veering off in every different ...

One look at the country of Monaco has attention veering off in every different direction. It seems like an area where there is truly extravagant wealth to be spread throughout. From the cars to the yachts and even the food eaten there, just about everything has a touch of class added on top.

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However, it turns out that Monico might not exactly be the most popular tourist attraction all year round. In fact, when it starts to get cold, some of the superyachts pack up and head to other areas. After all, those living aboard these things probably don’t want to hang out when the weather starts to get chilly.

Does everybody just take off and start to head toward warm weather? Well, depending on the vessel and its situation, different captains take their yachts on different routes. Some of them even get picked up by a larger vessel and transported to the next location. That’s right, just like someone could have the car shipped across the country, a yacht owner can have their vessel shipped across the ocean.

On the other hand, though, some of these yachts actually take to the sea to travel to different destinations. While it’s definitely a good problem to have, it seems like there still is a little bit of logistical headache behind being able to transport a yacht. All of this usually ends somewhere like the Carribean, though, so it’s hard to feel bad for these problems.

By following along with the video below, we get the rundown on what exactly happens when Monaco starts to pack up around October. We’re sure that the area has lots of wonderful accommodations year-round. Tourists still probably litter the streets and explore the country in the fall. However, when it comes to the yachts in the harbor, they probably have other plans.

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