Coming in Hot… Ferrari Slams into a Lamborghini in the Rain!

What comes to how you take care of a supercar, different owners have different ...

What comes to how you take care of a supercar, different owners have different perspectives on the matter. Some supercar owners will elect to take care of their car as if it were a rolling collectible piece of art, never bringing it out unless the weather is sunny and it’s a close proximity drive, keeping the miles off of the car while making sure that it faces minimal road debris. On the other hand, you have that variety of supercar owner that drives their car in the exact way that it was built to be driven, taking their machines to the edge every time that they get behind the wheel, throwing that throttle to the ground and letting the engine sing as loudly as possibly. They did, after all, spend a ton of money for a top-of-the-line performance machine.

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This time, we check out a situation that showcases somebody who believes in the latter, taking their supercars to the limit even if it’s raining outside! It would appear that, in the situation, these guys are taking their marks in some sort of autocross or other car event that happened get a little bit of rain sprinkle on top of it. However, that wouldn’t stop them from trying to head out and have a good time. In hindsight, they probably wished that they would have called it quits when the rain started to fall from the┬ásky.

This time, we check out the situation that has a Ferrari coming in hot and slamming into a Lamborghini that was just simply sitting there and not moving. It looks like the driver behind the wheel of the Ferrari simply locked up the brakes and couldn’t prevent the car from the slide that it had spiraled into. This one definitely is the type of video that will make you cringe as you can see this one coming from a long way off when the Ferrari gets into that skid that it definitely isn’t going to get out of.

Ferrari F430 crash

Aaaaaand it's gone! #Lamborghini #Ferrari #CrashMarchettino

Posted by Marchettino on Thursday, August 3, 2017

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