Shawn Spills The Beans, Tells All About The Murder Nova.

When it comes to the machines that you will see on Street Outlaws, they most ...

When it comes to the machines that you will see on Street Outlaws, they most certainly have a tall task to live up to. After all, not only are these machines exposed to some of the most intense competition on the drag racing surface, but they’re expected to perform, week in and week out, as they are put through some pretty insane abuse. Not only do these things need to make an incredible amount of power when compared to most of the cars that you will see out there but they also have to do it on a regular basis, all while remaining reliable and holding together as whoever is behind the wheel blasts toward the finish line.

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This time, we take a look inside of one of those machines as piloted by the one and only Shawn. Under the hood of this 1969 Chevrolet Nova clad in flat black, you find a small block Proline, an engine with 482 cubes, to be exact. To help that displacement out, we see that the car has a little bit of boost to make things fall in line properly. Air is pumped through all of those cubes thanks to a pair of 88 mm Precision turbos. When all is said and done and tire meets pavement, we’ll just give you the long story short by saying that this is definitely a machine to be feared.

If you follow along with the video below, Shawn takes the liberty of giving us the rundown of the entire car from top to bottom. Whether it’s the wheels or what’s under the hood, every last component here was handpicked to make sure that it’llĀ get the job on the table done just right. After all, with all that’s on the line in the races that you will see these kinds of machines in, the builders behind them can’t afford to slip up for just a second as it could mean losing a race or even worse, losing control.

Photo credit – 405 Photo


Murder Nova | Under The Hood @ Bristol

The new Murder Nova is built to lay it all out on the track. Will those twin 88mm precision turbos put $200,000 in Shawn's pocket?

Posted by Street Outlaws on Tuesday, December 18, 2018

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